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1997 Barbara Rosenfeld

Source of our strength, grant us comfort from inner turmoil and physical and psychic pain.

Grant us the courage to heal from the devastation of physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect.

Heal us, we pray, from the effects of wars fought without armies and the silent holocaust which plagues our society.

Give us the inner peace to not be bitter, and the guidance to not turn to acts of destruction against ourselves, our families and our society.

Help us to deal with our pain with honesty and not seek to dull the sting of betrayal through substance abuse, food addiction and acts that mutilate our body, mind and spirit.

We turn to You for refuge, and pray that You liberate those among us who still suffer in silence and despair.

It is with Your mercy that they may be spared the anguish of humiliation, the loss of dignity and peril at the hands of those they trust.

May all of us be healed individually and communally and be guided into nurturing encounters that enhance our lives and those of future generations.

We pray for the soul healing of those who have been desecrated and defiled and the restoration of holiness and wholeness to those who carry Your legacy.


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